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Piano, Voice, and Chordophone

“Learn to play the song within you.”

Freddy Anthony Villegas is a licensed music teacher with a Bachelors in Music Education. Having graduated from Vandercook College of Music in May 2018, he has been a professional music instructor for 7 years.


As early as his 2nd year in college, Freddy began teaching in the classroom setting and private students. As a private music educator, his job includes teaching the fundamentals of a student's desired instrument, building strong habits and communicating the language of music.


In his studies, Freddy learned to play all nineteen instruments in the Band, Orchestra, and Choir. His time spent at Vandercook was focused on learning piano, but he also gained proficiencies in voice, guitar, bass, and clarinet.


Being a first generation Hispanic American, he is also a fluent Spanish speaker with roots in both Puerto Rico and Ecuador.

Freddy is adamant that anybody can pick up an instrument and learn music. Whether you’re young, old, talented, struggling, a beginner, more advanced, it is never too late to start or continue your journey as a musician.

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