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Hourly Course Options

Prices and Discount Packages

Lesson Options:

A. Single Lesson Cycle (5 lessons): $325 ($65 each lesson)

B. 3 Lesson Cycle (15 lessons): $60 each lesson, plus $120 deposit


Lessons are purchased as a Cycle - each Cycle includes 5 lessons. A discounted rate can be provided with the purchase of 3 Lesson Cycles at a time (15 Lessons), a $120 deposit is required for a “3 Cycle Lesson” (The deposit will be used towards the last 2 lessons of the last Lesson Cycle should the student desire to discontinue lessons after the “3 Cycle Package.” The $120 is non-refundable.

Option A

Each individual Lesson Cycle is to be paid in full before the first lesson of that Cycle. If the student desires to continue lessons, payment will be required on the 5th lesson of the previous cycle in order to retain the scheduled space and time.  

Option B

(most popular)

Students choosing the “3 Cycle Lesson,” a non-refundable deposit of $120 and $60 for the first lesson will be due before the first lesson. Each lesson can then be paid individually or students may elect to pay a portion or the total of the cycles.

Those utilizing assistance tuition will pay the full agreed-upon tuition before the first lesson. Please contact the office for 30 or 45 minutes Lesson Cycle Packages.


Forms of payment: cash, check, or zelle. 

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