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You meet us a part of the way and we'll help with the rest

Why does Pro Musica strongly promote tuition assistance?

Pro Musica Institute is composed of teachers, benefactors, and music lovers who understand the vital importance a quality music education plays in the growth and development of children and the increased quality of life for both adults and children. We understand that quality music lessons are expensive, as well as procuring and maintaining an instrument on which to practice and grow with. 

Music instruction IS expensive. We also understand and strongly believe that a quality music education comes from quality teachers - faculty who are continually honing their craft and love what they do. We rely on the generosity of benefactors and those who do not currently require tuition assistance in keeping the Institute strong to continually serve the community. Pro Musica wants to make sure that our faculty are justly and properly compensated for their time, talent, and passion for music. We know our teachers love teaching and we love our teachers.

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