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Our Mission - We, at Pro Musica Institute, create opportunities for individuals - regardless of age, skill, and financial ability - who desire to have a transformative experience of a well-rounded music education throughout the Greater Chicago area.

Our Vision - Pro Musica Institute envisions a Community that transcends social and economic barriers through music, allowing students to fulfill their potential to be lifelong artists and learners. 

Treble Clef - Originating from Western Music, but now a universal symbol for music. Music is at the center of our mission.

The Chicago Star - As music is at the center of our mission and vision, so too, we desire music to radiate outward towards the communities of Chicago and the metropolitan area.

The Blue Ring - The blue is a reference to the North and South Branches of the Chicago River on the City of Chicago Flag. It is a circle because it is not just North and South that we envision our musical mission, but all of Chicago and surrounding areas.

Pro Musica - We are “For Music,” which we effectively use as an instrument to fulfill our mission and vision to Teach, Open Minds, and Transform Communities.

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